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J Weiss



I have enjoyed teaching at MCTC for the last 15 years. I hold a California teaching credential, a  Bachelor of Science in  Health,  Magna Cum Laude and a Masters Degree in Special Education from California State University, Dominguez Hills. I started a business class run on EBAY 5 years ago. Since its inception the "wetraders ( wetrade-e-trade on EBAY  of room 3,  have sold more than 4000 items for over $33,000 on EBAY and numerous items locally on Craigslist.  My hobbies are music history, DJing, Body Surfing and Italian cooking especially with clams.

Electronic Commerce

Under direct supervision, students learn a variety of skills while learning to run an electronic Commerce business. Incumbent in this class learn how to get on the internet, write and read e-mails, use digital cameras,research items before selling and determine the cost of shipping items. They also learn to understand and leave positive feedback after sales are completed, handle problems with finance, communicate with customers, the inter-workings and history of eBAY. During this class students learn the difference of collectibles versus daily usable items, how auctions are run, set sales and the importance of having a good name for a business. In addition, students learn the important relation of work efforts and rewards earned, goal setting, managing bank accounts, how to use PAYPAL and how to keep track of transactions and how to glean items to sale from community members. Students in products for sale, computers and how to pack and ship items properly. Students learn: how to understand peer/supervision interactions; use clear communication; how to be responsible, how to start work on time and at a steady pace and the importance of having a good attitude. If interested in making a tax free donation, contact Duke Weiss at MCTC (818) 885-1646

period one  E COMMERCE  EBAY

period two  E-COMMERCE EBAY

period three  E-COMMERCE EBAY

period four  E-COMMERCE  EBAY



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There is an opportunity for you to provide items that can be sold by our students using EBAY. Your donation is tax deductible and we are looking for the following items:

  • Books
  • Textbooks ( no older than 3 yrs.)
  • DVD's (mint condition)
  • Vintage household items ( collectible salt shakers, dishes etc.)
  • Older Baseball cards
  • Videogames ( mint/sealed)
  • Cameras old and new
  • Electronics ( No Older than 3 yrs.)
  • Art? Supplies?
  • Home Decor
  • Collectibles: Vintage comics, Vintage dolls, eyc.- Please  make sure that condition is good or better
  • Jewelry
  • Vintage movie Posters & Movie Memorabilia
  • Vintage Toys

Were not asking for your treasured antiques or memorabilia, but anything that is lying around or that you are not using. A tax Deductible receipt provided for the items that you donate.  

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