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Furniture Repair



Furniture repair is a class where students learn the skills to use hand tools such as a  plane, hand drill, hammer, chisel, screwdrivers and wrenches. The shop is equipped with power tools that the staff uses to facilitate projects and effect repairs as needed. 

Students learn how to check a piece of furniture for any damage and to assess the problem. Once the problem is known the teacher and staff work with the student to develop a plan for repairing the piece. During the repair job the student will be exposed to many different skills through observing and participating in the repair. Students work at their own pace to best develop these skills and understand the process of furniture repair.

The staff in furniture repair are all experienced woodworkers. The teacher has enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for over twenty years. Staff members are checked out on all equipment before they use or assist in the use of any of it.  Students use some of the power tools depending on their level of skill and confidence. The most commonly used power tool in the shop is the electric hand sander. This tool has a piece of sandpaper attached to it and it vibrates and spins. All students use this tool at one time or another. It is a fast way to sand a project for finishing and can be fun to use. All students are checked out on any tools that they use and all students must pass a safety test before they can work in the shop.

Furniture repair is a class that builds knowledge in woodworking and self-confidence. All students participate in all aspects of the job to the best of their abilities.  At the end of the year it is our wish to have imparted the knowledge of hand tools and their uses in our students as well as building the students confidence in themselves.