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Welcome to the Marvelous Munchies Bakery!

The bakery program is one of the most popular and complex work programs on campus.  In addition to creating a variety of sweets students learn all types of vocational and transitional skills.  From the moment students enter the classroom they will be learning the skills that will help them gain or keep employment as well as care themselves at home.  Students learn to follow multiple step written recipes as well as follow multiple step oral directions.  By the end of the year students will be able to understand and follow basic rules of hygiene, food preparation, measurements, and even laundry care. All students in this classroom learn by doing.  It is direct interaction and participation that add to the success of this program.  Everyone is welcome to come view the magic as it happens or taste the quality of the baked goods we provide.  Please give us a call with any special requests or custom cakes.

Bakery Details


The bakery operates during 1st , 2nd and 3rd period. Please submit orders by 4th period, 11:30 a.m. Any orders needed before our work program starts 4th period can be prepared the day before and picked up when needed.  Cookies can usually be baked and ready for pick-up on the same day.  Other items may not be ready for pick-up the same day, or made that day.  Please provide advance notice for specialty items.  Our baked goods are made with the freshest ingredients!

Thank you for your support!"

Course Outline

Miller Mustangs Marvelous Munchies Order Form
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