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Practical Assessment Exploration System Lab (PAES)

  • PAES® is a hands on Comprehensive Work Development Curriculum that sets up in a typical sized school classroom.
  • PAES® operates in a simulated work environment. Students become employees; teachers become supervisors. Strict procedures are followed so students get the feel of real work, at the same time learn and explore new career vocational areas.
  • Each area has a comprehensive array of tasks for the students to perform. The instructor monitors the tasks and provides feedback and assistance where needed.
  • Students are encouraged to become as independent as possible and are awarded for their progress.
  • Students completing PAES® have a thorough knowledge of many job skills and have a better understanding of the real working world.
  • A comprehensive report is developed once a student has finished PAES®. This report can easily be used to develop Career Development Plans, School-To-Work Plans, IEPs and Transition Plans.
  • PAES® provides the foundation basics for School-To-Work Transition Plans
  • PAES® provides students with Real Knowledge that is relevant to their lives. Students are encouraged to become independent problem solvers and develop higher order thinking skills.

Course Outling