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Who Makes it Possible

Phil Griffin (Coordinator)

Brenda Aguilar (Asst. Job Coordinator)

Sylvia Aragon (Teacher)

Sonia Caceres (Job Coach)

Sue Clark (Job Coach)

Mari Martinez (Job Coach)

Eric Soler (Job Coach)

Stephanie Thomas (Job Coach)


Senior Intern Program


Miller CTC students have used their time at the CTC to develop many important skills and behaviors that will help them become part of the world of work. For students capable of a higher level of independence, this class offers a final step in preparing them to exit the school system and enter the greater community more fully equipped to be an integrated part of the world beyond the school gates. This program moves them to a more community-based world, gives them new experiences and additional opportunities to learn while they are still being guided and supported by the trained school staff.

Senior Supported Interns

The Senior Supported Program is for Interns age 21-22 in their last year of school. These Interns are allowed an off-campus work experience to develop Soft Skills and Hard Skills specific to their work site. This senior class is one of three other classes; the Senior Externs, located at West Valley Occupational Center, the Senior Independent Interns and 2 Senior Supported class which are located on the Miller CTC campus. The Senior Supported Interns go to their work site with a Job Coach who stays with the Interns (1:4 ratio) to provide support. They use public transportation to and/or from school to work site and back to school.